Carl Sven Bolander


Carl Sven was a very special person to many people. To me he was Uncle Carl the man that could fix anything, very inventive and always had time to stop, listen and make you feel that you were the most important person in the world.

As a child I would travel with my parents to Connecticut during my Dads vacation we would visit my Uncle Carl and Aunt Irene on their farm. My Dad always called him Cousin Carl. I have many fond memories of those days.

When my children were growing up they called them Uncle Carl and Aunt Irene. They’re two daughters Carlene and Irene possessed the same personality as their Mom and Dad, always treating my family and me with such kindness and sharing their animals and time with us. To this day my children still remember all the good times at Uncle Carl and Aunt Irene`s house, especially the day that the dingy sank with them in the boat. The days down at the brook were very memorable and will be treasured for years to come.

This section is a tribute to Carl Sven Bolander, Jennie Marie Bolander`s Cousin, Hubert Alfred Levonius`s 2nd Cousin and as I found many years later, My Godfather. To Carlene thank you for sharing this history, and photos with us. You made this happen and we will be forever grateful. For Carl Sven and Irene Bolander, thank you, from all of us, for the wonderful memories.

Don Grace and Family


May, 1976 at the Brook. Kristie, Lori, Donald, Uncle Carl The Dingy Sank - Uncle Carl saved us!

Irene and Carl Sven Bolander were married on September 24th, 1932.

Carl Sven Bolander was born November 25,1902 at 58 Nygatan, Visby Gotland, Sweden. He was the son of Sophia  Laurentina Petterson Bolander (above) and Niklas (Nil’s) Titus Bolander (right)    

Birthplace of Carl Sven Bolander, November 25th, 1902 Nygatan 58, Visby, Gotland, Sweden (right) Carl Sven on steps of house (below)

At the age of 2 months Carl Svens mother passed and Carl Sven immigrated to the United States with his Grandmother (his fathers mother) Maria Helena Blomberg Bolander. They left Sweden on September 12,1904 and arrived at Philadelphia Pa. on October 2,1904 on the Ship Merian.


After arriving in Philadelphia Carl Sven lived with his Aunt and Uncle Alma and Eric Roman who lived on the corner of North Street in Philadelphia. He lived there until his Grandmother took him back to Sweden when he was 5 years old.



At the age of 10 Carl Sven returned to the United States of America leaving the Port of Kristiania, Akershus, Norway and landed at Ellis Island in New York City on May 14,1913 on the ship The United States. His father Niklas Titus Bolander and his Aunt Alma Roman met him at the ship. They took him to Spruce Street in Corona, Queens, New York where he was to live.


1916 Cousin Carl pulling a wagon with Hubert, and Carl G and his dog at Flushing Bay.

He attended Grammar School at P.S. 16 before moving to Hays Avenue in Corona where he attended and graduated from P.S. 92.  

The Romans raised Carl Sven from a young boy. This photo was taken in their yard in Corona, Queens, New York. One of many addresses where they lived while in New York.

Carl Sven with his Aunt Alma and Uncle Eric Roman in 1917


He Enlisted in the Army Air Force at Mitchell Field Long Island, New York and graduated as an Aircraft Mechanic in 1921. He continued to advance in the service using his past training from Vocational School.

Grandparents Karl & Maria Bolander

Karl Niklas Bolander passed away January 30,1921

(Carl Hugo) Photo taken 1872


Maria Blomberg Bolander Passed away December 13,1921 in Visby, Sweden.

Photo taken 1872


 A copy of her Death Notice from Visby is below.

In 1930 Alma and Eric Roman purchased land out in Ronkonkoma, Long Island. Ronkonkoma had a large lake for swimming. Day travelers would journey out to swim and sit on the beautiful beach. This tourist attraction would later become known as Lake Ronkonkoma. It is still in existence as a town beach. After purchasing the land Carl Sven took time off from his automobile business in Queens, New York to build his foster parents, the Romans their new house on their recently purchased property. Many memorable years would be spent at  “Villa Nova” in Ronkonkoma Long Island.

The Romans always had a lot of visitors after their house was completed. As you can see by the sizes of the automobiles in those days transporting many people was not a problem.

Photo taken at Carl and Irene Bolanders home in 18 3rd Street Elmont, Long Island, New York. They lived here from1940 until 1944 when they moved to Woodstock, Connecticut.

Rear Carl Bolander, Hubert Levonius. Next row Ruth Levonius holding Donald Levonius. Irene Bolander, Pat Levonius holding Carl Jr. and Carl G Levonius in his Navy Uniform. Front Left Carl Sven`s Daughter Carlene, Linda Levonius, Irene Bolander and Patsy Levonius


Hubert visiting Carl Sven in Woodstock, Connecticut. May12, 1975

Carl Sven was a special person to Hubert and Carl G Levonius. He was a big brother, a Pal, and a Mentor. Who would ever think that in a 1925 picture with the boys in sailor suits taken on the beach on Flushing Bay and a picture taken 52 Years later in 1977 in Woodstock, Connecticut the cousins would be in the same exact positions for a group picture. This was the last time that Carl G, Carl Sven and Hubert were together.

I think that Hubert said it best for all that knew and loved Carl Sven. He wrote on the rear of one of his photos “I have treasured this picture for a long time.” “ You were, and always will be a Great Guy to me.” Hubert wrote this to Carl Sven in 1965.

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