High Hill Beach, New York

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High Hill Beach was located east of where Zach's Bay Bathing area is now at the famous Jones Beach, Long Island. High Hill was a colony of bungalows and cottages, consisting of individually owned and rental unit, as well as a medium sized guesthouse called The Breakers.

Standing alone on a large parcel of land was a larger and well know summer hotel and pavilion known as Savages Hotel and Casino. Savages had forty rooms available for daily and weekly rental from May until October, being the busiest throughout the summer months. Savages was famous for their large dance hall with entertainment and a baseball game areas, as well as a large private beach.


High Hill Beach covered an area from the bay on the north side to the Atlantic Ocean on the south. Summer guests had options of swimming and boating in the bay or swimming in one of the most famous salt=water surfs. This area would become in later years one of the most famous beaches in the world developed by Robert Moses, the legendary developer and figurehead of the New York State Park System.


Traveling to High Hill Beach

To arrive at High Hill beach from New York City like Levonius boys Carl and Hubert did in 1923, one had to travel by train and boat. Starting from Corona, Queens, they would take the "EL" to the train, or the Pennsylvania Railroad. Traveling eastbound the station stop would be the Village of Bellmore. From Bellmore transportation was provided by a boat to High Hill Beach. As no roads lead to High Hill Beach the only transportation was by water.

In looking back, High Hill Beach was definitely a destination for the relatively wealthy people and their friends. The transportation charges and the fancy hotel prices were not within reach of most people during this period in time. Click here to see a Savage's ad from this era.



One of Many Good Friends the Boys Had


Jenny Levonius became friends with Emma and William Klobus, parents of Billy. Carl, Hubert and Billy were to become the best of friends, later playing sports, camping, dating and racing boats. Billy's father was a very successful businessman having a glass window business on Astoria Boulevard in Astoria, Queens, New York.


He would make leaded glass windows for churches throughout the New York City area. William Klobus, as told by and interviewed relative Linda Klobus, was a very wealthy man, and treated the boys to stay out at High Hill beach and attend the boys camp in the summer. How fortunate to have such friends during this tough period of time. When possible their mother Jenny would go out for a holiday also. As the boys became teens they raced boats. Billy always owned boats and his family belonged to the Elmhurst Yacht Club. Carl and Hubert remained friends until Billy left for the service and eventually became a Captain in the United States Navy.


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