Hubert & Carl Levonius

Carl Gustave- Born January 2nd, 1912 and died March 27th, 1999

Hubert Alfred- Born June 6th, 1913, died May 9th, 1993

                    Hubert in 1915 taken at Flushing Bay
  Hubert & Carl in 1916 at Astoria Park
  Carl & Hubert in 1917 on roof top in NYC
  Carl & Hubert around 1918 in NYC. On the back of the photo is says, "Pop was building Supt."
  Hubert in 1920 in Corona, Queens, NY
  This 1927 photo shows a car that the brothers bought together. One owned the front and the other owned the back!
  Hubert is in the back row, on the left. he played football with the East Elmhurst Trojans.
  The boys in front of their home in Corona, Queens, NY
  Hubert & Carl spending the day at the East Elmhurst Yacht Club
  They were not only brothers but good friends.

Here they are modeling new sweaters for mother around 1931.


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